DOST supports locally developed beauty, health innovations

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) strongly supports the development of local beauty and health innovations and products,  two of which are scheduled to be launched in July this year.

One of the two products is a skin invigorating solution called Skivios which DOST said will help address skin problems and infections. The proiduct was developed by Doralyn Dalisay, a Balik Scientist, who has  teamed up with local pharmaceutical firm Maridan Industries, Inc. to develop the innovation.

The DOST added that it has funded a project, wherein the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City partnered with Maridan Industries and St. Agustin University to develop locally sourced beauty and health innovations ranging from pharmaceutical drugs to herbal, beauty and skin products.

Leah Buendia of DOST said their agency fully encourages tripartite partnerships among the government, the industry and the academe. “This is a way to nurture an environment of innovation and unlock profitable opportunities for our local businesses,” she stressed.

DOST said, the University of San Agutin is the only biobank in the country with more than 3,000 samples of good bacteria collected by both Balik Scientists and researchers who harvested them from various  parts of the Philippines with the goal of developing locally sourced and developed antibiotics.

Skivios products such as facial toner and facial serum will be launched in July. These can be used as a skin-care and makeup routine, and can also be applied before going to sleep.

Kadios, an Ilonggo agricultural product, is said to mimic certain conditions of human skin. According to another Balik Scientist, Jonel Saludes, kadios (Cajanus cajan) has a natural antibiotic.

Saludes and Dalisay earlier worked together with another firm, GalenX, for the development of Honelle Wound Gel made from medical-grade honey to help fight wound infection.