Survey: TESDA maintains high trust, approval ratings

Findings of the 2021 PAHAYAG Second Quarter Survey by PUBLiCUS Asia shows that the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has maintained its high trust and approval ratings.

PUBLiCUS Asia is an independent survey outfit. The results of its recent survey show TESDA scored a 65% approval rating for its performance over the past 12 months, just a shade behind the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with 67 percent.

Behind TESDA was the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) with 61% approval rating.

TESDA was also among the most trusted agencies along with AFP and DOST. AFP scored 50% trust ratings while TESDA and DOST got 45% and 40%, respectively. The survey was done nationwide on July 13-19 covering 1,500 respondents/

The first quarter publication of PAHAYAG survey showed that TESDA got the highest approval rating for its performance among government agencies at 62.1%.

An earlier survey on March 20-29 by the same pool outfit, also had TESDA at second slot in the trust ratings at 42.8% among national agencies, behind AFP at 43.9%.

In collaboration with other government agencies and private organizations, TESDA continues to reach out to people in far-flung areas and marginalized communities by providing them  special training packages fitted to their environment and skills needed in the community.

Since the onset of the pandemic, TESDA has been active in providing training for Filipinos especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were affected by the pandemic. It has trained and retooled 5,558 former OFWs from January to June 2021.

Over the same period, TESDA has produced 389,767 graduates and certified 257,273 individuals as skilled workers under its regular scholarship program.

TESDA chief, Isidro Lapeña attributes the agency’s high trust and approval ratings to its commitment to upskill and reskill Filipino workers.

Lapena has vowed to further strengthen TESDA’s advocacy of helping Filipinos by reaching out to all sectors and making its services more accessible, as well as enhancing its partnerships with private industries and other state agencies to improve its platform of empowering Filipinos as skilled individuals.

“I would like to thank our kababayans for their continued trust in TESDA. I assure you we will continue to deliver services to Filipinos, with or without a public health crisis,” he said.