BBM on vacation and rest with family in Australia

Presumptive president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has taken a brief “much-needed rest and vacation” with his family in Australia.

Lawyer Vic Rodriguez, Marcos spokesman said BBM may return home from his “private trip” on Thursday. His brief Australian sojourn totals to only three and a half days.

“I think he just wants to enjoy the remaining few days before he assumes officially as the President of the Republic. He is just trying to momentarily enjoy his days as citizen Bongbong),” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez noted that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have over the phone before BBM left for his private trip. The Autralian official “has also sent his congratulatory message to the Filipino people for the peaceful holding of the most democratic way to choose a leader),” he added.

A Reuters report said Marcos was greeted by some protesters gathering outside an address in central Melbourne, an action which Rodriguez said was an embarrassing gesture by Filipinos in Australia.