Private sector pushes “Let’s Go Bakuna” drive

The private sector has launched a campaign that is expected to help boost Filipinos’ confidence in the Covid-19 vaccines.

Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion said some 1,000 companies have joined together for the “Let’s Go Bakuna” campaign.

He said the bulk arrival of vaccine supplies in the country in the second half of the year, should boost the country’s vaccine rollout.

“Now that we have a very clear timeline on most of these vaccines, the next is we need to have great execution and vaccine confidence. We’ll start on working on our employees,” Concepcion said, adding that vaccination will be the key to move forward and open the economy.

“It is now a challenge toward survival for many of our entrepreneurs. But the challenge now really is how we eliminate the virus,” he said.

The private sector has also ordered vaccines from various manufacturers to help in the vaccination program of the government which targets to inoculate 70% of Filipinos to achieve herd immunity.