Sara Duterte opts out of 2022 presidential race

President has confirmed his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has made up her mind not to join the 2022 presidential race. He also discounted the possibility Sara would heed her supporters’ clamor for her to seek the presidency.

Despite Sara’s decision to finish her last term as mayor, the Presdent expressed optimism his daughter could still seek a higher government post in the future.

“Inday is young, and there will always be some opportunities in the future for her. Not necessarily the presidency,” he said.

Inday Sara reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 with mild symptoms. She is currently in isolation, and has asked “for complete privacy at this time and respectfully urge the public to refrain from sending tokens for well wishes.”

Her scheduled trip to Singapore on October 50-8 was postponed as one of her companions tested positive for Covid-19.

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