OCD: Alleged arrival of foreign military equipment is fake news

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) has belied a video report quoting its chief, who was wrongly identified as a Marine general, announcing the arrival in the country of military equipment allegedly from the United States and France to be used in this year’s Philippines-US “Balikatan” exercises.

“The OCD learned that a video was published online, reporting the ‘arrival of military equipment from the United States and France’ in the Philippines. Stated in the video was misinformation/disinformation involving the agency and its Civil Defense Administrator, Undersecretary Ariel Nepomuceno,” it stressed in a released statement.

OCD also clarified that Nepomuceno is not the commandant of the Philippine Marine Corps and no statement was issued by him or the agency regarding the matter, which is not under its purview.

“Further, video/photos of Undersecretary Nepomuceno shown in the video are during a press conference on El Niño preparations in 2023,” it noted.

OCD also reminded and advised the public to follow only credible and reliable sources and refrain from sharing unverified information. (With PNA)