KaSa-KaZa 2022 Successfully Launched

Two days have passed since the opening of the KaSa-KaZa 2022, yet the fun and excitement felt by the Zanortehanons continues to escalate.

Despite the unpredictable weather, a surge of affable people still heed different venues to color the festivity.  As it is emphasized by the new administration, it is, after all, their celebration – Hudyaka sa Kadaugan sa Katawhan sa Zanorte! The week-long celebration began on June 27 with the Kadaugan Run Challenge, a beach volleyball tournament, a reggae night, and a fireworks display.

On June 28, a beach volleyball tournament took place at the Sunset Boulevard in Dapitan City, and one of the highlights that day was the LGBT Night: The Search for ZANSAGA Queen 2022. On both occasions, a massive audience rever berated the field with loud cheers and applause. A transition meeting between the incoming and outgoing administrations also happened during the second day of the KaSa-KaZa exultation.

According to Apple Marie A. Agolong, Dapitan City Tourism Officer who is also one of the members of the transition team, there was a peaceful turning over of documents, but some offices were unready and hesitant; the reason for the reluctance is unknown. It is to be noted, moreover, that the scheduled date for the transition assembly was made known to both parties a month ago, giving them ample time to prepare.

The festive booths for Hudyaka Agro Fair are still present at the Zamboanga Del Norte Sports Complex Oval. Plenty of root crops and other goods are available for sale. Dapitan City Tourism Officer, Apple Marie Agolong is inviting all those who are looking for adventures, or nature or history lovers, to come and visit Zamboanga del Norte because here, we have it all: sports-tourism, heritage-tourism, food-tourism, history-tourism, and eco-tourism, to name a few. Furthermore, if you are looking for a place with a rich historic culture, Dapitan City is the place for you.

 Known as the place where our national hero was exiled, Dr. Jose Rizal created a sustained impact on the lives of the natives, making it a place where one can witness a juxtaposition of the past and present. Governor Rosalina “Nanay Nene” Jalosjos can only hope that the people’s victory continues, as she has promised that her victory in the recently concluded election was not hers, but the people’s victory. Mag hudyaka kita!