JV Ejercito wants hit-and-run SUV driver jailed

If he can have his way, Senator-elect JV Ejercito want to see in jail the sports utility vehicle (SUV) drive who deliberately ran over a security guard, fled the scene, and surrendered 10 days later.
In a Facebook video on Friday, Ejercito said he hopes the prosecution of the Mandaluyong hit-and-run incident on June 5 can bring justice to security guard Christian Floralde, who spent four days in a hospital due to major body injuries.

In a tweet, Ejercito said Jose Antonio Sanvicente, the SUV driver, has to “pay the consequences of his action,” adding he has information that Sanvicente has previously stabbed an older person because of a traffic altercation.

Ejercito earlier offered a P50,000 reward for whoever can provide information to locate the driver after he hit and ran over Sanvicente in the viral video of the incident.

Outgoing Senate President Vicente Sotto III, for his part, lamented the PNP press conference held after Sanvicente’s surrendered to the police. “Please tell the PNP and the lawyer of the hit-and-run-over driver they must follow RA 10586, the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Law,” Sotto said in a Viber message to Senate reporters. He also tweeted that PNP did not follow procedures.

In a subsequent press conference, PNP spokesperson, Col. Jean Fajardo explained that there was no legal basis for them to take Sanvicente into custody. “The PNP has no legal grounds to take the suspect into custody since that there is still no arrest warrant issued against him,” she reasoned.

Fajardo added Sanvicente cannot be a subject for warrantless arrest either because the time has lapsed for them to do that.

The Sanvicente has has created a widespread impression among many ordinary Filipinos that laws are indeed applied differently between poor and wealthy Pinoys. And the PNP is a major player in the game.