Front-liners indispensable in combat vs, Covid-19

National Task Force (NTF) Against Covid-19 chief implementor and Vaccine Czar, Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., underlined on Friday the vital and indispensable dedication and sacrifices of all front-liner, without which the country would not have been able to face the challenges posed by the public health crisis.

“This strength comes from the individuals who have been at the forefront of our country’s fight against this health crisis. They are our medical and health front-liners who put their lives on the line 24/7,” Galvez said in a message  on the observance of Health Workers’ Day on May 7.

“These brave men and women – nurses, doctors, emergency responders, barangay health workers – are sacrificing their health and safety to serve our fellow countrymen,” he added.

Aside from hailing the health front-liners’ heroism, he also cited the major challenges in responding to the pandemic and mitigating its impact.

“We have seen the vulnerability of the Filipino people and we have witnessed the dysfunctional gaps in our health care system during this pandemic,” he admitted at the joint hearing of the Senate’s Committee on Health and Demography and Committee on Finance on Thursday.

Galvez proposed that to protect health care workers, some provisions of the Universal Healthcare Law, such as improving health care facilities, must be amended, noting that the government need to impose measures to secure enough health care workers in the country.

“We in the National Task Force Against Covid-19 are proud and honored to be working with all of you. We believe that with you by our side, we will be able to provide our people with the best health care possible, and most of all, save lives,” he said, addressing himself to the health front-liners.