Dr. Solante: Seniors more prone to heat stroke; more water intake advised

Senior citizens are advised to increase their water intake especially as the rising temperature brought about by El Niño makes them more vulnerable to heat stroke.

In a recent Bagong Pilipinas briefing, infectious disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante said the recommended water intake is up to a maximum of 12 glasses. “Those who are vulnerable to heat stroke are senior citizens whose age is not able to sustain the temperature,” he said.

“The prevention here is to inform and remind them to drink water. if they can have eight to a maximum 12 glasses a day, it’s important especially during hot weather,” he stressed, adding that people should lessen their exposure to sun, and should “stay indoors and if they go out, they should wear clothes that cover their skin.”

Solante said the public must also ensure that their water is from a clean source, and not tap water as much as possible. If unavoidable, it should be boiled first, he said.

“Even if there is El Niño or none, we should keep our place clean to avoid dengue. We should also ensure that we wash our hands always when preparing food),” he added.