Alaminos City opens boardwalk at mangrove park

By Hilda Austria 

MANGROVE PARK. The Mangrove Park in Alaminos City now has a boardwalk where visitors could enjoy a walk through the park and enjoy the scenery. It is overlooking the Hundred Islands National Park and aims to raise awareness o the importance of the environment. (Photo courtesy of Alaminos Tourism)

ALAMINOS CITY, Pangasinan – The home of the Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) in Pangasinan has opened a new attraction that would raise awareness on the importance of mangroves and wildlife.

In a phone interview on Thursday, city tourism officer Miguel Sison said the 448-meter long boardwalk at the city’s Mangrove Park in Barangay Bued is now open to the public from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“This is an additional attraction to the HINP in our city. It offers a walk through the boardwalk along the mangrove area while overlooking the HINP and enjoying the sea breeze,” he said.

Among the other activities in the park is bird watching as migratory birds are usually seen in the area in the early mornings and late afternoons, he added.

“During high tide, sometimes visitors could see crabs and fishes in the mangrove area,” he said.

Sison said aside from it being a tourist destination, the boardwalk at Mangrove Park aims to promote the appreciation of the mangrove’s importance in the ecosystem.

“Mangrove is a home of marine life; it is where they lay their eggs,” he said, adding that the project aims to raise awareness on the mangrove’s significant contribution to the ocean.

Sison said they are encouraging environmental advocates and science classes to participate in the mangrove planting activity in the city where “there is still a huge area to be planted so it is indeed a mangrove forest.”

The Mangrove Park here also has a function hall, which could be rented out as a reception venue for weddings and other occasions. “Pictorials or photo shoots could be done in the park but visitors should be reminded to manage their garbage properly. They should not litter or vandalize in the park,” he said.

Entrance environmental fee to the park is PHP10 per visitor as approved through an ordinance. Sison said the boardwalk was funded by the city government and the prizes they have won in various contests. (PNA)