157 PA artillery troopers join mental health awareness drive

BALER, Aurora – A total of 157 enlisted personnel from different  units and separate batteries of the Philippine Army Artillery Regiment (PAAR) attended the Troops Information and Education (TI&E) on mental health awareness in Palayan City early this week.

Organized by the regiment’s Office of the Regiment Sergeant Major (ORSM), the activity was held at Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City in Nueva Ecija last February 13, designed to look after the mental health and physical well-being of the military troops.

The PAAR also aims to raise social awareness among its troops on mental health issues through psychosocial education to combat the stigma of having these conditions and prevent their development.

Lt. Col. Ronnie Santa Catalina, PAAR civil-military officer (G7), told media the activity is a regular program being conducted quarterly to give Army troops confidence and the right direction in their career enhancement as well as family life.

“We do this all year round for the empowerment of our soldiers so that they can be well guided, including their families. The military is a mass organization so we need to help them to be well-behaved for their welfare. And when they are well, the whole organization will be well managed and they will be able to improve their services for the country,” Catalina said.

The program was participated in by personnel from the 1st and 2nd Air Defense Artillery Battery, 1st and 2nd Multiple Launched Rocket System (MLRS) Battery, Long-Range Ballistic System (LBMS), 3rd Self Propelled 10th Field Artillery Battalion, students and personnel of Artillery Training School and Army Artillery Regiment. (PNA)