DOST-TAPI Partners with NEXPH to Boost Innovations in Clean Energy

by Lawrence San Diego 

NEXPH is one of the co-organizers of DOST-TAPI’s 2023 INVENTouring Writeshop in the National Capital Region

Inventors, startups, and businesses in the energy sector can now avail of opportunities to scale up their innovations, thanks to the new partnership between the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and New Energy Nexus Philippines (NEXPH).

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports diverse solutions in clean, efficient, and accessible energy.  In the Philippines, NEXPH is rolling out its comprehensive and locally tailored programs in capacity building, mentoring, and networking for energy innovators and entrepreneurs.

With its partnership with DOST-TAPI, NEXPH hopes to tap into opportunities for collaboration and government services that can nurture homegrown technologies for addressing challenges in energy security and climate resilience.

The NEXPH team hopes to explore opportunities for collaboration and government services through its partnership with DOST-TAPI. Photo courtesy of Mr. Ralph Ebora

“By combining our strengths and resources, NEXPH and DOST-TAPI can provide complementary support to startups and create a more robust ecosystem for innovation and growth in the clean energy and climate sector,” said Ralph Ebora, NEXPH Program Manager for startup development.

Access to Funding and Expertise

Under the partnership, DOST-TAPI can introduce NEXPH-supported startups to government funding for their innovations.  These include various grants and financial programs that support invention development and technology commercialization.

DOST-TAPI also offers NEXPH clients its wealth of technical expertise and resources, particularly in intellectual property protection.

“Through the partnership with DOST-TAPI, NEXPH can provide startups with access to much-needed financial and technical support, which can help accelerate their development and increase their chances of success,” Ebora explained. 

He added, “DOST-TAPI’s extensive network can also help expand our reach and provide startups with access to new markets, customers, and partners, which can be critical for their growth.”

DOST-TAPI Director Atty. Marion Ivy Decena and NEXPH Program Manager Ralph Ebora exchange tokens of partnership at the Posible sa SciNing gala and art/photo exhibitions.

In 2022, approved proposals from NEXPH clients for DOST-TAPI support include VORTEx or Versatile and Offshore Recyclable Turbine for Energy by Jose Luis Villalon; SaltPanel device for wave and salinity power generation by Patrick Roland De Guzman; and development of a three-phase to single back-to-back voltage source power converter prototype for squirrel cage induction machine drive and grid integration by Leo Marcelo Villalba. 

“We hope for a surge in applications from NEXPH across all of TAPI’s grant programs,” Ebora said. “We also hope to generate more interest among inventors to pursue clean energy and climate ideas and innovations, which can contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Collaboration and Complementation

NEXPH encourages more startups and partners to take advantage of DOST-TAPI’s offerings and contribute to a “whole-of-society approach” in addressing energy and climate challenges. 

“We need increased collaboration from the government, private sector, non-profit organizations like NEXPH, and innovators and inventors,” Ebora explained. “Working together can create a more sustainable future for our country and the planet.”

DOST-TAPI continues to actively seek institutional partners, particularly technology-based organizations, private companies, incubators, and startups, whose mission and vision aligns with the agency’s mandate to promote an innovation system that fosters development and adoption of local inventions and innovations.

“As the country’s premier institute for homegrown ingenuity and innovations, DOST-TAPI opens its doors to interested partners for complementation of our programs and achievement of our common goals,” said TAPI Director Atty. Marion Ivy Decena. 

She added, “Our portfolio of programs and services are designed to harness the strengths and opportunities offered by different sectors and agencies to address the gaps in the invention-to-commercialization pathway.”

Are you an inventor, entrepreneur, startup, or a technology-based organization? DOST-TAPI can help you access funding and technical expertise to help you meet your goals! 

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