Senatoriable Lacson scores brightly with discerning voters

By. J. C. Nunez

Senatorial candidate Aex Lacson. Facebook/Handout

Senatorial aspirant Alex Lacson has scored brightly with discerning and young Filipino voters in his recent forum interview with television host Karen Davila over ANC.

Lacson, a brilliant Bicolano lawyer, particularly impressed young voters with his answers to questions on issues relating to problems the country faces in the West Philippine Sea, corruption and the integrity of constitutional commissions under the current set up.

On the WPS, Lacson said he favors cooperative alliances with countries which have and share stakes in the WPS like members of the ASEAN, with the United States, Canada, Australia and India which strongly value freedom of navigation in the WPS. He even suggested for the Philippines to work out with these four countries to establish and maintain a common naval facility in one of the islands in the area.

On corruption, Lacson proposes the creation of a constitutional commission to monitor and oversee corruption in all four levels of government – LGU, Cabinet offices and related national agencies, Congress, and Malacanang itself. The commission will be mandated to take appropriate actions, motu propio, if warranted.

On the integrity of the existing constitutional commissions like the Commission on Elections (Comelec), Commission on Audit (COA), Civil Service Commission (CSC), and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), the chiefs and commissioners of which are appointed by the President which system theoretically make them beholden to the appointing authority, Lacson proposes a Special Appointments Commission.

Reminded that the Congress will most likely not initiate the creation of such commission, Lacson said the Constitution itself allows direct legislation by the people via a clearly defined process, which can be utilized for the purpose.     

Lacson’s ready answers to other questions and issues raised before him were likewise instantaneous and logical. Those who listened to him were decidedly impressed that he will be a desirable lawmaker and government official.