Ms. Cecille Guidote-Alvarez

TO celebrate 2022 as the Year for Science, the SDGs Resiliart Earthsaving Festival Forum and Workshops is hosting a contest for cartoonists and video-audio artists to explore the SDGs popularizing Science through effective cultural communication dynamically merging arts discipline and technology.

The contest is open to all print and broadcast companies.

Earthsavers Dream Center Director Ms. Cecille Guidote-Alvarez said that the contest is being undertaken in partnership with the Publishers Association, Inc. (PAPI headed by its national president, Mr. Nelson Santos.

Ms. Guidote-Alvarez, Philippine Educational Theater Association founder in a letter to Ms. Santos had asked the valuable support of the members of PAPI to undertake prizes for a selection of the Best Editorial Cartoons for Print and the Best 30-second to one-minute Video Promotion on SDGs advocacies.

For this month of February up to March 31, 2022, the competition is for the Best Editorial Cartoons for print and for 30-seconder to a minuter video and audio clips.

The video and audio clips must featured themes about protection of people and planet, promotion of peace and prosperity through partnerships.

Modest prize will be given to nationwide winners as follows:

Cash prizes for Editorial Cartoons: 1st  Prize — P25,000;  2nd Prize–P20,000; 3rd Prize –P15,000.

Seven (7) Finalists will receive P10,000 each (P70,000)

For the Bes Video, P50,000 for the grand prize winner and eight (8) finalists will receive P15,000 each ( P120,000).

For the Best Audio, P30,000 for  the grand prize winner and nine (9)  ) Finalists will receive  P10,000.00 each ( P90,000).

Editorial cartoon entries should have been published from February 7 to March 20, 2022.

Likewise, audio and video clips should have been broadcast within the same period. 

All entries should be properly labeled with the participant’s name, publication being represented (if any), email address and contact number, and submitted in a USB file on or before March 28, 2022 to the following address:

Philippine Center of the International Theater Institute (ITI), Unit 1203, 12/F Gotesco Regency Tower B, Natividad Lopez St., Ermita, Manila 1002. Publisher Association of the Phils., Inc. (PAPI) is one of the media partner.