The celebration of the 66th birthday of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. continues through his feeding initiatives across the Philippines organized by the “Feeding Metro Manila” 

In a statement, the organization said that that it has distributed a total of 10,000 meals to the Presidential Action Center (PACe) since they started the feeding program on September 7, Thursday, last week. 

The distribution of meals is expected to last until September 22. 

The PACe serves as a platform for citizens and residents of the Philippines to engage with the government on various issues and seek assistance or resolution of various concerns.

“This initiative garnered significant attention, motivating supporters from various towns and provinces to travel and submit their feedback to the government, while also receiving a hot meal as a gesture of appreciation,” the group said. 

Generous donors who wish to send their birthday gifts to President Marcos are encouraged to donate instead to the feeding program of the chief executive. | PND

Photo Courtesy by PCO