President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. gave his assurance on Wednesday that the government will exhaust all legal remedies available to determine what transpired surrounding the collision between a fishing boat and a still unidentified commercial vessel, resulting in the death of three Filipino fishermen on October 2. 

“We are deeply saddened by the deaths of the three fishermen, including the captain of the fishing vessel. The incident is still under investigation to ascertain the details and circumstances surrounding the collision between the fishing boat and a still unidentified commercial vessel,” President Marcos said on his official X account, formerly Twitter.  

“We assure the victims, their families, and everyone that we will exert every effort to hold accountable those who are responsible for this unfortunate maritime incident.” 

President Marcos’ statement came after the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported on Wednesday that three Filipino fishermen were killed when a still unidentified foreign commercial vessel rammed their fishing boat FFB DEARYN on Monday in the waters off Scarborough Shoal. 

Eleven crew members survived the incident. 

The chief executive also emphasized that the PCG is now backtracking and checking all monitored vessels in the area when the incident happened as part of its ongoing investigation as he called on the public to avoid speculations and allow the investigation to run its course. 
“Let us allow the PCG to do its job and investigate, and let us refrain from engaging in speculations in the meantime. Rest assured that the government will provide support and assistance to the victims and their families,” President Marcos said. | PND