Online dating thrives amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Romance surely respects no virus or germs. While the Covid-19 pandemic restricts people’s movement, some still find a way to look for potential partners through dating apps.

Online dating makes it easy for singles to connect with others who share same interests as theirs, George Admirable told the Philippine News Agency (PNA), he never thought he would be able to have deeper and more meaningful connections with his matches on the online application he is currently using.

“It’s difference from the traditional dating we know, is that you can find more time to have a deep conversation or heart-to-heart talk with your date,” Admirable shared.

While he has a hard time finding a long-time partner, he said there plenty of life’s lessons he has learned from people he met online. “I did not expect it but I found out it is also possible to grow as a person from the knowledge I learned from the people I have interacted with online,” he said.

‘Very convenient’

Like Admirable, Vei Madlangsakay, a public school teacher, believes it is “very convenient” to use dating apps to find a partner.

“Online dating is very convenient for me. It is also good for me since I prefer meeting strangers instead of friend referrals,” she said.

Madlangsakay admits she is in a relationship for nearly six years now with AJ, whom she met on online dating app Tinder. Virtual dates help her form a deep bond with her current partner, she said.

“Online dating doesn’t require such meet ups. You can adjust your dates either by video calls or just video calls,” Madlangsakay said.

Online dating was already popular before the Covid-19 pandemic which gave virtual dates more prominence for people who seek serious relationships.

Virtual dates for safety purposes

While there is an apparent spike in users of dating apps, Admirable and Madlangsakay said traditional dating is better for people who want to enter into deeper and more relationships.

Since there is still a pandemic, it is safe for couples to continue resorting to virtual dates, Madlangsakay said.

“Since we are in a pandemic, we still do online dates for our own safety,” she said, adding that couples can still feel the presence of their partners through video chats or phone calls.

Online dating helps a lot for us to catch up. Simple sharing of experiences for the day is our routine as well as checking out what we will be eating in our respective houses,” Madlangsakay said. (PNA)