Lakbay Pinas: The Venturesome Ride of Our Life

Have you ever imagined how best to experience the Philippines in just five minutes?

As the celebration of the 2021 Quincentennial Commemoration of Christianity in the Philippines continues, a new and fun way of learning about our history and culture have been brewing all this time.

The same team that brought to the public eye the one-hour hit musical of the south — “Nia and Anwar” — that tackles the plight of the Philippine whale sharks or butandings, present Lakbay Pinas, the first and only historio-kultura amusement ride in the Philippines.

Lakbay Pinas highlights five zones of breathtaking views of larger-than-life historical spots, wildlife’s natural wonders, cultural festivals, heritage sites and so much more.

Revisit the bustling city of Manila as you cross the Jones Bridge to rediscover Spanish architecture while you fuse Manila sounds emanating from the “king of the road” jeepneys. Be exoticized as you join the excitement of the loud and colorful Maskara, Ati- atihan, Diananayang and Sinulog dance festivals of the Visayas.

Be mesmerized too by the beauty of Mindanao as you gaze at the Grand Mosque of Cotobato, the largest mosque in the Philippines and the second largest in Southeast Asia, or be enchantedly refreshed by the stunning landmark of Iligan, the Maria Cristina Falls. As your ride brings you further away, enter the world of our National Hero and celebrate his magnificent achievements in Dapitan, his home when he was exiled for having authored the Noli Me Tangere.

Lakbay Pinas, a project of Gloria Fantasy Land, also boasts of high-tech equipment which will be featured in its new video and light exhibition attractions.

Lakbay Pinas takes pride in having the best creative and technical collaborators in the country to work in the most ambitious amusement ride in the Philippines to date. This team includes gallantly gives you easy access to the music of Rony Fortich, design by Rollie de Leon, lighting by Joseph Matheu, and sound engineering by Rich Gracia under Hues N Cues.