From dreams to legacy: The inspiring story of a son’s plan B

Tuloy ang pangarap kapag may Plan B! Seafarer Jerome started his financial Plan B in the form of a life insurance plan to protect his parents in the province, who depended on him. Like Jerome, learn how BDO Life can help you prepare for life’s uncertainties. See how Plan B can work for you here:

Born and raised in a humble fishing village, Jerome’s fascination with the sea began at a
young age. Spending countless afternoons by the shore, he would dream of exploring the
world beyond the small island he called home. He witnessed how hard his parents worked to
make ends meet; his father was a fisherman while his mother sold the day’s catch in the local
market. Jerome was determined to chart his own course and provide for their needs.
After completing high school, Jerome was certain about his calling—to become a seaman.
The idea of roaming around the world on a mighty ship, coupled with the opportunity to
financially support to his parents, fueled his ambition. At 24, Jerome signed up for his first
work contract as a seafarer.
Driven by a sense of duty and love for his family, Jerome dedicated himself to his calling.
Every month, he would send funds to his parents to help build a small backyard hog raising
business. During breaks in between contracts, Jerome would spend time with his parents and
see how his hard work has resulted in developments at home. He would also help them in
their day-to-day tasks, such as fixing the house, accompanying his mother to her medical
appointments, and shouldering household expenses.

One day, after accompanying her mother to her check-up, Jerome offered to fix an electrical
wire in the pig pen for his father. Sensing that his son was capable to get the job done,
Jerome’s father proceeded to rest. It had been a humid afternoon.
As Jerome worked on the electrical wiring, it started to rain. He didn’t notice that one end of
the exposed live wires fell into a puddle which he accidentally stepped on. Jerome was fatally
electrocuted. His father found him unconscious on the floor moments later. He was rushed to
the nearest provincial hospital but failed to make it there alive.
Unknowingly, Jerome had prepared for this tragedy. Three years earlier, he visited the
neighborhood BDO branch, where a BDO Life Financial Advisor convinced him to take out a
life insurance plan with long term savings. He had long wanted to start a long term savings
program but didn’t quite know how best to begin. This was something he could leave behind
for his parents if anything were to happen to him while at sea, or something for himself after
he bids goodbye to his sailing years.
His parents were devastated. They have always been proud of their boy—the loving,
generous, and responsible son that he was to them. Jerome had always dreamt of expanding
their family’s modest piggery venture. He had also dreamt of putting up a small sari-sari store
for his mother. “So that you will always have money of your own even after I get married,” he
used to say.
As he intended it, Jerome’s life insurance proceeds went to expanding his parents’ micro
piggery business and starting the sari-sari store for his mother.
Jerome’s story is a testament to the power of hope and honor. It underscores the importance
of having a Plan B to safeguard the future of those who are financially reliant on their
As in Jerome’s case, BDO Life’s insurance policy can provide security and peace of mind, at
every stage of life. For more information on life insurance and investment solutions, please
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