FAFAs Lauds Hosting of Dapitan and Zamboanga del Norte

Dapitan City- The Foreign Armed Forces Attaches (FAFAs) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)  lauds the City Government of Dapitan and Province of Zamboanga del Norte for the hosting of the FAFAs dinner with Caribbean and Hawaii Theme at the Beach Front of Dakak Resort, Dapitan City on October 07, 2023.

City and Provincial Officials and tourism stakeholder partners attended the Caribbean Dinner hosting for the AFPs, FAFAs and their spouses and family for the recent visit and rest and recreation activities set on October 06-08, 2023. Among the attendees were also the Chairman of the RomGarJal Development Corporation, Mr. Romeo Jalosjos, former Congressman of the 3rd District of Zamboanga del Norte now Chairman of Dakak Golf Club, Cong Cesar G. Jalosjos, Mayor Cecilia Jalosjos-Carreon of the Municipality of Piñan, Board Member of 1st District, Hon. Angelica Jalosjos Carreon, Mayor Liza Mejias and Vice Mayor Mejias of Municipality of La Libertad, Mayor Seth Frederick Jalosjos and Vice Mayor Alfredo Sy of Dapitan City and the Executive Assistant IV to the Governor Ms. Marjorie Jalosjos.

Mayor Seth Jalosjos expressed his gratitude for the FAFAs and AFPS for pushing the trip to the City of Dapitan saying that the visit will provide a beneficial impact to tourism and how the City of Dapitan especially in terms of the safety and security and cultural aspects of the city have impressed the visitors from different nations. Governor Jalosjos through Ms. Marjorie Jalosjos, Executive Assistant to the Governor also stresses the gratitude of the Provincial Government to the FAFAs and AFPs for their visit as this spell positive tourism impact in terms of renewed perception of the foreign market of the Province and the entire Mindanao island which is considered a fulfillment of the tourism thrusts of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte to increase its foreign arrivals and image enhancement as a safe city and province for the countries which has existing negative travel advisories, a hope to eventually lead FAFAs to provide their new findings from the experiences they had in the City of Dapitan and Zamboanga del Norte.

COL Javier Martin Gil, Defense Attache of Spain expresses his fascination and gratitude for the hosting of the City of Dapitan and mentioned that the experience has given them so much joy seeing the beautiful culture and rich heritage of the city. He further expressed to provide advice to their country through their embassy of their experience. LTC Phillip Doert, Non-Resident Attache of Germany also provided his impression of the beauty of the culture and the warmth of the hospitality of the people of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte which he will remember even when they go back to their countries. He further mentioned how safe the place is and that he will also provide their embassies all their findings about their visit to help change the travel bans and advisories.

The night was filled with another festive mood of reggae music, culinary exhibition and concert by the country’s top classical and theater performances of Jonathan Badon, Lionel Guico, Cynthia Guico and Lana Jalosjos. La Fuego Dancers of Dapitan City also ignited the night with their steamy fire play exhibition which impressed the FAFAs and AFPs. Guests danced the night away with the reggae beat and enjoyed the beach vibes at Dakak Resort expressing their enjoyment and excitement in this visit outside of Manila. They’ve seen the vibrant traditions, cultures and the warmth of Filipino people in all the activities, attractions and services they experienced since they arrived.

A unity light torch walk and lighting of bonfire signifying solidarity, sustain commitment and effort in maintaining peace and order led by Ms. Marjorie Jalosjos, representative of Governor Rosalina Jalosjos, Mayor Seth Frederick Jalosjos, City Mayor of Dapitan, Gen Romeo S Brawner Jr, Chief of Staff of the Armed of the Philippines, Col Gejaindren son of Mariapan Marudapan, Defense Attache of Singapore and FAFAs Dean, MGen Ferdinand T Barandon PA, DCSI-J2 and MGen Steve D Crespillo PA, Commander of Western Mindanao Command.  

A total of twenty four (24) Defense Attaches from the countries of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Germany visited Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte with their spouses and families. Philippine Army, Armed Forces of the Philippines and Western Mindanao Command also attended the event headed by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, General Romeo S. Brawner Jr. PA and the Commander of Western Mindanao Command, MGen Steve D Crespillo.