CASH AGAD: The ‘Automated Tao Machine’ that provides assistance to MSMEs

CASH AGAD partner-stores serve as ATMs in the community stores located far from banks.

In the recently concluded community day organized by BDO in several towns of Bataan and Palawan, Cash Agad is one of the services that provided opportunities to MSMEs to further grow and strengthen their earnings.

Cash Agad, a financial solution where BDO partners with businesses such as sari-sari stores and general merchandise stores, among others, offer cash withdrawal services in remote areas which lack the presence of bank branches. BDO calls it the ‘automated tao machine’ because instead of using electronic ATMs for withdrawals, partner-agents provide the cash needed by the customers.

With the help of Cash Agad, the income of MSMEs are expected to further increase due to the following:

1.     Additional loyal customers due to added services.

With its fast and convenient way to withdraw salaries, remittances, or pensions of BDO account holders, community members would prefer to withdraw cash from a store with Cash Agad service. Oftentimes, customers also purchase their daily needs from the same store.

2.     Additional earnings from service fees.

For every withdrawal transaction of a customer, the Cash Agad partner-agent receives a service fee. The accumulated fees contribute to the overall monthly earnings.

In addition, the amount withdrawn by a customer, including their share of the service fee, is automatically deposited into the enrolled BDO account of the Cash Agad partner-agent.

For more information about Cash Agad service, visit If interested to be a Cash Agad partner-store, go to the nearest BDO Unibank or BDO Network Bank branch in your area.