BDO enhances banking experience through digital innovations in branches

Digital innovations are available at BDO branches to assist clients in their bank transactions

BDO Unibank continues to enhance the banking experience of its clients by integrating digital innovations in its branches.

“BDO’s digital banking solutions are accessible on mobile phones and branches. Our bank branches have self-service stations and universal machines, among other digital banking technologies,” said BDO branch banking group head Cora A. Mallillin.

BDO leverages efficient and reliable technology and tools through its digital transformation to create products and services that respond to its clients’ particular preferences and needs. On the one hand, its extensive branch network provides expert support for clients seeking personalized guidance and in-person interactions.

“Incorporating digital innovations into our branches provides clients with banking options that align with their diverse lifestyles. We understand that modern banking is about choice, and our digital innovations are designed to provide that,” said Mallillin.

Going digital allows the bank to promote the use of digital technologies and participate in the digital economy.

In addition to introducing in-branch digital innovations, BDO places importance on its dedicated staff, including knowledgeable employees and capable customer relationship representatives who are readily available to assist clients in becoming more at ease with digital banking tools.

BDO firmly believes that guiding clients on digital technologies inside the branch allows them to appreciate the convenience and advantages that digital banking offers.

“Our customer relationship representatives help clients personally experience digital banking by guiding them in using our digital self-service tools. When they learn to use these new digital banking tools through BDO, they may also appreciate how digital could make banking more intuitive,” said Mallillin.