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TESDA to develop a cybersecurity course

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) aspires to develop a cybersecurity training program,  possibly in partnership with other countries.

TESDA officer-in-charge Rosanna Urdaneta said the desired program is decidedly valuable “as we transition to the 5th Industrial Revolution that mostly concerns and involves the internet and computer software, which would be beneficial for government, businesses (for) ease of doing business and help  prevent cyber-attacks.”

Unlike other information and communications technology (ICT) courses, Urdaneta said Cybersecurity is multidisciplinary. “It’s not sufficient that you know only about computers,” she added.

Urdaneta explained that students also need to learn, for instance, phishing attacks where hackers try to fool their victims to click a compromised link. While there are technical ways to prevent phishing, this can be better prevented if one is aware of cybersecurity, she stressed.

She said TESDA is still in the process of discussing the proposed Competency Standards with its Qualifications and Standards Office, and the ICT Office. A TESDA board member has been assigned to assist in standards and competency development.

“We had a meeting on the proposed competencies yesterday. We agreed on a lot of things and we are confident we will be able to present this to the expert panel and eventually to the TESDA Board within a month,” she shared.

Once the Qualification Standard is approved by the TESDA Board, it will take about three to six months to train assessors and trainers for the new course, she added.

Urdaneta, meanwhile, said TESDA eyes Israel as a partner in the project aimed at developing the new training program. “Israel has one of the world’s largest networks of cybersecurity professionals. It also offers an advanced cybersecurity training to its citizens as part of the mandatory military training. So this partnership can be very beneficial to the Philippines,” she said

The TESDA official, however, said their institution is also open to partnerships with other countries willing to assist in developing the Cybersecurity National Certification program.

Currently, TESDA offers several ICT-related courses, some of which are Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) NC II; Cable TV Installation NC II; Cable TV Operation and Maintenance NC III; Game Programming NC III; Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (Copper Cable/POTS and DSL) NC II; Telecom OSP Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) NC II; Visual Graphic Design NC III; Web Development NC III. 

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