QC prescribes ‘3 Cs’ rule to mitigate Covid-19

The Quezon City government has reminded its residents and establishments in the city to avoid the “three Cs” to mitigate the  spread of Covid-19 vorus.

“All establishments must, to the greatest extent feasible, implement minimum health standards to avoid or mitigate the following

The “3 Cs” refer to Confined spaces with poor ventilation; Crowded places with no physical distancing; and Close-contact settings with face-to-face interaction.

The advisory is contained in a September 14 Memorandum issued by City Mayor Joy Belmonte, which also includes a set of guidelines to be observed during Alert Level 4 status until Sept. 30 and in the Special Concern Lockdown Areas in the city.

Under the Alert Level 4 status, the city government may order, at any time, the closure of an establishment, even if they are listed under those that are allowed to operate if they violate the three Cs.

Belmonte said establishments that are confined and enclosed must either ensure sufficient ventilation through open windows or maintain efficient air conditioning systems that must conform to applicable building and health standards.

To avoid overcrowding, establishments should enforce the observance of the two-meter distance rule among persons, or at least a one-meter distance as the “absolute minimum, when completely unavoidable.”

Establishments are encouraged, moreover, to implement contactless transactions whenever feasible, by using online facilities, touchscreens, or placing cash in baskets instead of hand-to-hand payment or document transfer, among others,

In cases where face-to-face transactions are unavoidable, the establishment must strictly enforce the use of face masks and face shields, and ensure sufficient ventilation.

High-touch surfaces like buttons, switches, handles, doorknobs, counters, faucets, sinks, and the like should also be regularly disinfected. High-touch surfaces are those that people frequently touch with their hands, which could therefore become easily contaminated.

Belmonte has tasked the Business Permits and Licensing Department and related executive officers to conduct random inspections to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Positivity rate in Quezon City remains at 25% which means that one in every four persons tested for Covid-19 yields a positive result.