PNP keeps tight watch on festivals

The Philippine National Police (PNP) will keep a tight watch on festivals that may become superspreader events for the obtaining Covid-19 pandemic during the current fiesta season.

PNP chief, Gen. Guillermo Eleazar has issue the “tight watch” order to police commanders to restrain activities that promote the spread the virus. “We know that during fiestas, there are lots of food, church activities and other mass gatherings. These are part of our culture and tradition but these remain prohibited while the Covid-19 threat remains,” he said.

Eleazar stressed police officers will no longer issue warnings to violators as these minimum public safety health protocols, including the prohibition on mass gatherings, have been implemented since last year.

“I am directing the police commanders to strictly monitor happenings in your AORs. Your role is vital in preventing mass gatherings or other super spreader events especially during this time of fiestas,” he added.

The PNP chief issued the order after President Duterte urged Filipinos to forego fiesta celebrations, many of which are held during the current month.

Duterte warned he would not tolerate individuals who will defy the existing health and quarantine protocols imposed by government to prevent another surge in infections.

The President also reiterated his warning that he would punish accountable local officials who would fail to enforce the minimum public health protocols.